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Learning English you are ensuring a future with better opportunities and higher wages, and this is not a secret. To learn English will open an endless amount of doors – you will be able to communicate in any situation and meet people from all over the world – and it will certainly change your life.

That’s why We emphasize the importance of pronunciation and writing of our students, from the selection of our teachers-where everyone speaks English as mother tongue, as the variation of students per classroom where, as so limited number of students.

Placement tests for English are held weekly, where We can analyze which classroom the student belongs to, along with a lot of social activities such as visiting museums, churches, theater and so famous “pubs” . A dip in the local culture.
We have the Standard of Excellence accredited by Edexcel, ABE, EDI, LCCI known worldwide.

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These professional qualifications are designed to meet the requirements of employers.

You may be either already in employment and wish to further your career by studying for a professional qualification, or alternatively, you may wish to follow the ABE fast-track route to a university degree. Or if you wish to start up your own business, studying for ABE’s new Diploma in Business Start-up and Entrepreneurship can help you achieve this.

As well as providing a comprehensive knowledge of each of the major business functions, the structure of the Certificate in Business Studies ensures that students have the widest possible range of career, employment and higher education options open to them on successful completion of their studies.

All ABE programmes are accredited by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulations (Ofqual) in the UK as well as equivalent bodies worldwide. ABE programmes are management focused and they all blend common units with more specialist subject areas to allow greater flexibility.

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